Write for me

"Why dont you try writting something erotical for a change?"
Her words struck me...
"What do you mean?"
"I have read some of your writtings, you have your style, you have your stories,you writte about different genres, but never have i seen you writte something of an erotic nature"
"That may be true..." - I muttered.
"Well of course its true, have you even ever considered it?"
"Not really" - I admitted, more to myself that to her.
"Well?" - she looked at me with her pretty dark eyes. I could see she wanted me to do it, let my imagination and probably my perversion break free and flow onto a piece of paper.
"I... I will try, I promise"
"Yay!" - her eyes lit up and she hugged me tightly.
If it meant so much to her, hell knows why, then I would try my best.


At home I, for the first time, confronted a blank piece of paper onto which I would write something I had never written before.
No fantasy, no steampunk, no slice of life, no such topics would appear in it, though I could write something with elves...
No no no, nothing like that. I must try to write something life-like, something that could happen to anyone...
Who am I kidding? I have no clue on how to start such a journey.
My hand shook as I neared the pencil to the table.
Fear... I was affraid.
The unknown is what we are affraid of, let it be darkness, let it be another religion, another race, just another human being, but something of which we dont know nothing about.
I got up from my seat and quickly went over to the window to gace at the nightsky.
Faintly shinning stars embedded in the dark blanket that was the universe.
Tomorrow would be a new day, a new chance to go on an adventure, to write what had never been written, to confront myself with this newfound fear...
Tomorrow was the day


The Leash

And you remembered that song you used to listen to long ago.
Not did you remember because of nostalgia, you remembered because you felt the pain depicted in it.
Just like the lyrics preached, he broke your throne, but he was not satisfied with cutting your hair, he had to cut your wings.
And now you feel grounded, as if nothing was real anymore, as if there was no reason to keep pushing.
Each day the sun rises, light bathes your room, but whenever it touches you, you feel no warmth.
Just another pointles day after another and so the weeks go on:
Get up, get ready, get out, get on, get in, get out, get in , get in...
The monotonous existence you think to live is ruining your imagination, your happiness.
Its time for you to open your eyes and see your surroundings.
There are others that care for you, others that love you, many who appreciate your friendship.
You got your reasons, you got your beliefs, you got us...

Free yourself from the shackles of the past and embrace the future with such love that even the foundations of your past will crumble.
You have done this before, I know, what keeps you from doing it once again?
Unleash yourself