You will never read this, and that makes it even more tragic

It is not easy for me?
Why do you ignore the fact we are not the same?
Why cant you accept that I am not you?
I am not and will never be you
Yet denying suits you well

I have my own problems
suffer my own feelings
and yet you can and will not see
that everything i do, even if for me
costs me more than you can fathom

fantom of my former self
i wander the streets alone
for this lonesome wanderer never had
and never will have many who might follow

These lines I write for you
even though you will never read them
and better off we are if we never meet again
for all the pain you cause me serves but one purpose

to make my existance miserable whenever you see fit

all i would wish for is that you see into yourself
introspect that you so feverishly preach
and teach yourself to see more than meets the eye
all you deny fallls unto others

I am done with you,
have been for long
and will yet till my sun sets be