Doing what is right

Not always easy, not always what you want to do.
Doing what is right takes effort, strenght, willpower.
But those are traits shown in those who accomplish their goals, make their dreams come true.
You look at the clock and realize that you should have started doing what is right quite some time ago.
Fret not, its never too late to start doing what is right.
Start off small, do little things and slowly escalate it to the bigger things in your life that you know you have to do right.
Eat right, sleep right, commit to what you like, spend more time being productive...
And always enjoy, for doing things the right way will bring satisfaction no matter how hard the task was, no matter how much time you had to spend.
For me doing what is right sometimes involves doing things i dislike, but i know the goal is well worth it.


On the world as we knew it

such a small word that meant the whole world to us
we trusted everyone, we trusted everything
and when that trust was betrayed, we were left with nothing but ourselves
they took away our family, our jobs, our lives
and replaced them with needs of their own
We trusted them to guide us
We trusted them to help us
They used us
They abused us
They sent us to war for an ideal bigger than ourselves
Many believed that, many more died for it
Those of us left
We moved
We adapted
We waited for the storm to blow over
And when the Funghi hit the sky we knew our hopes had been placed on individuals not worthy of Trust

Our tears fed the starving soil of the wastes for the first time
And our lives began anew with more uncertainty than ever before


One step forward

"K, now everyone follow me 'n dont make no noise"
Malcom slowly opened the door and quickly glanced around to see if there was any danger in our proximity.
"Coast is clear, move it"
Without wasting a second we scurried out of the building and followed Malcom into the abandoned streets of the town.
The sun shrouded by a thin layer of dust, the mild temperature and the subtle breeze gave the scene a sense of eerie.
Malcom raised his right fist, turned around, signaled that there were two banshees behind the left corner of the building ahead and waited for us to catch up.
"We gotta find a way 'round, no way we takin' those witches with no weapons"
We nodded silently and awaited instructions.
Malcom had spent quite some time in the wastes and thus was deemed most suitable to filll the role of the leader of our small group.
You could have almost asserted we were a small freak show troupè:
a cowboy, an amnesiac, a daemon and a ghost.
My mind wandered off for a bit and fantasized about our success on the road and all the shows we could arrange...
"No day dreamin'" Malcom roughly nudged my arm "Plenty adventure in the real world"
And he was not mistaken, the banshees were prowling on the streets searching for their next victim, which could eventually be us were we not careful enough to evade them.
I casually looked around and caught a glimpse of a glass bottle not too far away from our position.
I signalled Malcom about the whereabouts of the bottle and he nodded as soon as he had seen it.
"We could use it to distract 'em, but gettin' it is trouble itself" he whispered.
Truth is, the bottle was almost in the middle of a crossroad and one of the roads converging there was the one the banshees were patrolling..


Recollection of rememberances

It was hard being alone in the room...
Writting helped, the ghost helped, the daemon helped in his own twisted way, but it was lonely and sometimes depressing.
And yet i look back fondly at the memories i made back then, at the writtings i produced back then, the time spent in solitude, the confort of being shielded off the outside world.
There was a strange feeling of delight knowing that no matter what, i would be safe here.
Out there... i did not know what was out there and frankly i had no intention of finding out at first, everything i needed i had in the room.
My spirit of adventure got the best of me though and i left, but what i found was not what i expected.
But what exactly did i expect anyway?
Before being locked away the world was doing not so well, so why would that have changed in my absence?
A bitter place this world is, not by itself of course, but by the people that inhabit it.
People fighting over matters so trivial in my young eyes... and still trivial in my old eyes.
They say that war never changes, but they are wrong...
The one that never changes is manking, thus making everything stagnant.
War doesnt change because humankind does not change...
Where do i stand amidst this madness?
Do i want to change how the world works or die trying?
Or do i want to live my life with no regard of the world, doing what i want to do till my time is taken from me?


Enjoying the small things

As time went on and i got older, i learned that the best way to enjoy life was to learn to enjoy the small things, the things that happen in your everyday life and that are easily done or obtained.
That way you will get a little boost every day that will make your day brighter.
For me it was writting.
No matter if in the darkness of the room, the wasteland, the metropolis...
The sound of the pen scratching the paper always somehow managed to soothe me and invigorate me.
Seeing the characters come to life after the ink left the pen somehow seemed magical to me.
And the best part was that it was something i could do anytime for as long as i had the pens and paper at hand, which in the end was almost 100% of the time.
Many dont understand that writting, the act of writting to be precise, can be so enjoyable.
No matter what comes out of the act, wether its a story worth keeping or just another writting experiment gone wrong, it always makes my day brighter, my soul lighter.
My point being:
try to implement in your everyday life something small but significant to you so that it fills your day and gives it meaning.
It helped me a lot through the hardships i had to endure...