To a white paper

Dont stare at me like that, its not like I want to see you like this.
My most inner desire is to clothe you, to give you meaning, to give you something to be remembered for, but I am not sure I will be able to do that today.
Today is not a rainy day, so I can not clothe you with water drops.
Today is not a sunny day, so I can not clothe you with sunshine.
Today is not a cloudy day, so I can not clothe you with soft clouds.
Today is not a foggy day, so I can not make a translucent veil that may cover just some parts of your beauty.
Today is not a snowy day, so I can not make you a white winter cape.
Today is just a dark day and I cant see your beauty at all.
I will make you a dress made of dew, for my tears are starting to flow and I would dislike to see them spilled in vain.
Please give me one more day, just one more, to make you shine through, let everybody see you and admire your beauty, your grace, your wisdom.
Today I can only offer my words, tomorrow I will offer the world.


夏 の 花火

All of her body relaxes
she lets go of the bedsheets, she closes her eyes and her head tilts to the side, and the pressure slowly fades away.
"Oh my god..." she manages to say
"And we are not even done yet"
"What?!" her body tenses again and her eyes glare at me
"I am not done yet"
"Do it by yourself then, I can not go on"
"But you will, it would be unfair otherwise. Besides, remember that thing you wanted me to do last time and we couldnt?"
Sparkles start building up in her eyes
"Today is the day"
She recovers her strenght surprisingly fast and get up from her position
I lay on my back and watch as she climbs on me, shivering with anticipation.
One leg on each side of me, she slowly lowers herself.
"Do it slowly" I whisper as I place my hands on her hips.
I love these hips, these legs, I just love every part of her body, every inch of her skin. And I also lust after each of the aforementioned . So my mind goes blank as I see her velvet sinking unto my pulsating erection.
As her lower lips touch the tip of me, a little bit of her love juice leaks out and rolls down my shaft.
I lift my hips a bit so that I poke her.
"Ah... what are you doing? Arent I the one who is supposedr to be in charge?" she scolds me
"I am just not too obedient I guess" I tell her and stick out my tongue
I poke her once again. This time she reacts by holding my arms down and lowering herself a little bit more.
My tip starts entering her wet treasure.
The pressure increases as she get me inside of her.
I reach her deepest spot, and she lets out a moan as she tries to rise herself a little, but it is futile, pleasure has overcome her.
She lets herself down completely, she pressure increases one more time, and she starts slowly grinding back and forth.
She rises her gaze to the ceiling and increases the rythm.
"So, do you like it?"
"I love it" she replies
"What is it that you love?"
"I love your cock"
"And where do you love it?"
"Inside of me, grinding me hard" as soon as she finishes the sentence, sha starts to moan, louder and louder.
The rythm increases, the pressure does too.
I put my hands on her hips one more time and help her grind with more strenght than before.
I start panting heavily as the pleasure builds up inside of me
"Im close" I tell her
"Just... ah ... just a bit... hmmm . moooore"
Her face adapts an aggresive expression as she rides me even with more force than before, I let go of her as I am unable to keep up. her thighs rubbing agains my legs, her powerful grinding against me, the sweat on her body, glistening, mesmerizing me. All i see is the sheer beauty of a moment in time, a momento we are gonna keep forever burnt in our minds, as this time is very special for us.
I reach out with my hands to hold hers, she entwines her fingers with mine.
We look each other in the eyes as I feel Im about to explode in pleasure and her moans go on.
And then the magic happens:
I thrust while she grinds, she orgasms as she lets out one last moan, my pleasure, built up all this time, erupts and I fill her insides with my seed.
The magic of the moment lingers in the air as we are drawn back to reality.
All strenght leaves her body and she falls on me, I hug her tightly and kiss her gently.
We stay like this for a while, our mixed juices pouring out of her and onto me and the bed.
She lifts her head a bit to be face to face.
"You did it" she says with a tired smile on her face "You actually did it"
"Does look like it, doesnt it?"
"I love you"
"I love you too"
A passionate kiss signs the end of this soiree.

"Shower?" I ask some minutes later.
"We do need it, dont we?"
"Yeah... and I cant wait to wash that hot body of yours"
"Quiet unless you want to shower alone"
I smile at her and playfully spank her butt
"Last warning"
"Ok ok, I get it"
I close the door behind me and we both enter the shower.


Spring firework

I thrust with all the strenght I can gather.
Her eyes open wide as her mouth drops open and a loud moan escapes from her.
"All in" I tell her.
She softly bites her lip.
We stay like this for a while, enjoying each other in this particular position.
"Gonna move, ok?" I ask.
She nods and gets her arms behind her head, getting ready for what she knoew is going to happen.
I get myself out a little and the start soflty grinding in and out of her.
Each time i get in i feel the warmth of her inner walls.
"You are soaking wet, how do you justify it?"
"You turn me on too much" she admitts in between soft moans that she lets out each time I reach her deepest spot.
"Oh, I do?"
I get my erection out of her, jump out of the bed and position myself at where the footboard ought to be.
She looks up, dissapointment in her face, but that soon changes as I grab her ankles and pull her closer to me.
"I want you to feel me like you have never before"
She gives me a wry smile and cooperates, getting her spot close to my erection.
She then lays down, licks her lips and gives me a devilish look, asking me to love her rough.
I pull her legs closer to me and put them up.
I hug them against me and put my dick at the entrance of her velvet.
And the show starts again, but this time more vigorously.
I pound her again and again, using her legs to thrust with more force.
Each time my abdominal muscles hit her legs, she moans loudly.
I increase the rythm.
"Do you like it?"
"I love it. Do it harder, do it faster, please"
"What was that, I couldnt hear you" I tell her while i increase the speed
"Fa a a a aster, pleeeeeaseeeeee"
"As you wish"
At this point i have to really use all of my body to keep up with her demands, but it is worth it.
She is dripping wet and it feels as if I am going to melt inside her, the pressure she transfers on every inch of my shaft is deliciously painful.
"Im... coming" she whispers
"Oh, you are?"
"Yes.. Im coming... Im coming... Im...."
I give a deeper thrust than before.
Her head yanks back she lets out a scream, starts shivering, grabs the sheets with both hands and pulls them near her.

Monster inside of me

I open my left eye
I open my right eye
"What... the ...hell...?"
"I dont think you should open your left eye, its completely bloodshot and doesnt look too good" She nervously tells me as she rummages the house.
I close both of my eyes and try to get up, which proves far more difficult than it should, but on the other hand I am accustomed to easy things becoming  almost impossible.
"Is the daemon here with us? I cant seem to remember seeing him inside as the Morph jumped in to deffend us from those Banshees.
"Yes" she whispers "He is over there"
I open my right eye to see where she is pointing at, the far corner of the room that is barely lit.
I get on all fours and start making my way towards my daemon. With each step I can distinguish a little more of his silhouette.
He doesnt resemble me at all right now, he is bigger, buffer and has much longer hair.
Wait a minute...
"Daemon?" I ask quietly
"Have you... Have you..."
"Yes, I have morphed, took me a lot of effort. Dont come closer, I need to rest and recover from my wounds. Oh, and cover that left eye of yours if you dont want to go partially blind"
"I got that" she shouts from somewhere inside the house and shortly after appears with an eye patch.
I take it from her and place it over my left eye.
"Now that this has been taken care of..." I mutter "What happened to you?"
The daemon is breathing deeply and I can feel how difficult it is for him to catch each breath.
"How should I know? I saw you trip just a few inches away from the door and I feared everything would be over, I panicked."
"And you turned into a wolf like antropomorphic creature..."
"Does seem that way" he chuckles "Just give me some time to recover and I might be able to explain what happened or at least what I think happened. Ask her to tell you about our great escape from the room, that sure is a nice story"
"Come over here, lets not disturb him" she tells me, her voice calm
I get to the other side of the room and lay on the floor in order to not waste any of the precious energy that could be left in me.
"My writtings!" I get up fast as lightning and look around the room.
She places her hand on my cheeck  "Hush now, they are near the door, dont worry, I took care of them as we escaped"
I settle down, reliefed that at least my legacy is safe.
"What is the last thing you remember about the room and our escape?"
"Uhhh" I hesitate. I dont really remember anything besides the last night I spent there "Nothing related to the escape itself Im affraid"
"Well... Then i have a lot of telling to do"


Shinning through

She inhales deeply before letting out a sigh.
On her fours, she makes her way around the bed to place herself so that her face confronts my crotch.
"Happy, arent we?" she asks, sparks in her eyes
"Maybe, maybe, care to find out by yourself?" I tell her as I wink at her
She unbuttons my pants and places her right hand on my erection, strocking it gently.
I cant help it and let out an almost inaudible moan, I really want her to touch me.
She smiles at me and bites the pull tab of my zipper, slowly she brings it down.
The only noise in the room right now is the zipper being pulled down.
Once she is done, I look up and nod at her, as if urging her to go on with her activity.
Once again she strockes me, but this time it feels even better. I can feel the warmth of her hand even through my underwear and just the thought of her touching me is going to drive me wild.
"Come on..." I whisper
"Im just taking my fair amount of time, you did the same, remember?"
My head yanks backwards when she grabs my erection firmly with her hand.
Up and down... up and down her hand moves and I can feel myself getting bigger.
"My... is it gonna keep growing?" she asks, a hint of playful surprise in her voice.
"If you keep heating me up like you are right no, it might as well happen" I manage to answer.
I try to get up and kiss her, but she holds me back with both of her hands as she shakes her head.
"No no no, its my turn. Let me do my stuff"
"Ok... ok, but I cant guarantee your safety if you keep harrasing me like this"
"You are always so impatient when it comes to you"
She places her hands on my hip, grabs the sides of my underwear and pants and pulls them down.
My erection, free from the shackles of the underwear, pops up, happy to be free and points directly at her face.
"There there, little guy" she whispers as she brings her mouth closer to my erection.
She stops just a few centimeters away and breathes lightly on me.
Im really going to go insane if she keeps this up, I want her badly
She notices my pain, smiles and licks the tip.
I moan.
She licks again.
I moan again.
I lift my head a little, our eyes meet.
"Please" I beg
She smiles deviantly and fits my whole erection into her mouth.
I close my eyes and let the sensations get control of me.
The warmth, the pressure, her hands caressing me, her tongue playing with me.
I stay like that for a while, eyes closed, mouth open, letting her work her wonders on my body.
She slowly lets go of me, I open my eyes and look up at her.
"What now?"
"Now its time to get this going" she answers as she comes closer to kiss me.
A deep kiss, full of the emotions that now float in the room.
"I want you" she whispers in my ear
"Then you will get plenty of me" I whisper back "What are we gonna start with today, top or bot?"
"I want you to show me how wild I drive you, Im going to lay down, you do whatever you please"
With that she lays flat on the bed and gives me a defiant look.
"Oh, you are getting so much more than you can ever imagine"
I position myself so that my erection is at her entrance and prod it lightly.
She moans very softly with each of my pokes.
I grind my lenght on her entrance, she closes her eyes, grasps the bedsheets and bites her lips gently.
"Come on..." she beckons
"Aske for it" I snap at her
I know she likes it rougher as the intensity of the moment grows.
"in me..."
"I cant hear you, louder"
"Still cant hear you, dont you want it?"
"Get it in me, please I beg you, take me!" she desperately says
Now she is in the mood to enjoy this best, as am I.
I place my erection one more time at her entrance.
"Get ready for this, its coming in one-shot..."

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Fire consumes it all

"You get rid of it"
"You are quite stubborn today" I tell her as I get up from the bed "Fine, you win this round, but I will win this battle"
She gives me a quizzical look.
"Oh, its from a Rammstein song. Woll ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? It translates to: Do you want to see the bed on fire? There is a part of the song in which they sing: Sex is a battle and love is war."
As I explain to her, I undo the button of her jeans.
Even after all this time, excitement runs through my body whenever I get to undress her.
"Lift your butt a little"
I grab the pants' cuffs and start pulling, unveiling her beautiful legs.
Once I am done with that I take a step back to enjoy the view.
She is lying on the bed, legs spread,  flushed face with only her underwear to offer some protection against my hungry eyes.
"What time is it?"
"What... time?" she hesitantly asks.
I nod as I get closer to the bed. I cant resist my urge anymore and start caressing her legs.
God I love these legs, so stunningly beautiful they are to me, so precious.
My train of thought is interrupted by her voice.
"Its 7:12"
"Time for a snack" I tell her with a broad smile on my face.
I climb on the bed and place my hands on her hips.
"Im affraid Im going to have to take this away, it is standing in the way of my meal"
I dont give her enough time to react. I grab the sides of her underwear and pull it down.
She lets out a gasp just before I place my arms under her legs and my tongue on her muffin.
This is probably the best taste known to man.
She lets out soft moans as my tongue gently moves.
"I... I want yours too"
I look up at just to see her flushed face begging me to fulfill her desire.
"Allright allright"
I get up from my position and lay one more time next to her.
"What are you doing?" she asks
"If you want it, you are gonna have to work for it" I explain  and give her a quick kiss
"Thats mean"
"No, its fair, I undressed you and took care of yours, now you just have to do the same, no more, no less"

"Damn, Kelly, have you taken a look at this?"
"At what?"
"At the erotic writting he left behind"
"He left what behind?"
"Erotic writtings, here, read the first part"
"Oh... my..."
"And there is plenty more where that came from"
"I am not sure if I want to give it a shot... I mean, I am curious, but..."
"Look, if you are curious, just read it, its not like its something unnatural"
"I know, I know, but still..."
"Here is the second part"


A spark lights a fire

Dim moonlight, a mug with my favourite tea, my trusty chair holding my weight.
*Tonight is the night...*
I stare once again at the white paper that I have been confronting for the past month.
"You son of a bitch. The tyranny ends tonight"
I glance at the moon one last time as I open the netbook and type in my password.
*Loading... this OS gets slower by the day. Finally... now open notepad...*

*Knock* *Knock*
So many times have I knocked on this door that I dont feel as nervous as I did the first time, still there is the lingering sensation of impatience that refuses to leave me.
The door opens...
*Hi there*
She greets me from behind the door, letting me see only half of her face: half of her smile, only one of her beautiful almond eyes, some freckles on her nose and her auburn hair cascading on her shoulder.
I get myself inside without a word and forcefully kiss her, wrapping my arms around her slender body.
"Close the door" I whisper and start licking her left ears lobule.
She lets out a soft moan as she closes the door and pushes me away gently.
"Anxious?" she playfully asks as she looks me in the eyes.
"More like hungry for you"
With a swift movement I move behind her and lift her on my arms.
Once she is perfectly settled I make my way into the bedroom.
"Are you not even going to ask how my day was or how I am feeling?"
"Whatever happened till now is gonna be in the shadow of what I am planning doing to you right now" I give her a quick kiss on her forehead.
She giggles and gently strokes my hair.
She helps me open the bedroom door and i make my way in front of the bed.
"Soft or rough?" I whisper.
"First soft, then very rough" she answers as she gives me a wild look.
I softly place her on the bed and put myself next to her.
"How was your day? Feeling well?"
"Im not going to answer to that anymore, should have asked when you had the chance"
"Feeling ready?" I whisper in her ear as I place my hand on her breast.
"Ready as ever" she moans.
I gently press my lips against hers as I massage her breast with my hand still over her clothes.
As our kisses become more passionate, our tongues search for the others company and start an erratic dance in between our mouths.
I stop massaging and slide my hand under her clothing and bra, finally getting the touch of her bare skin under my fingers. Its warm and very tender. I give a soft massage to the whole breast before pinching the nipple a little bit.
"Take your shirt off" I tell her "I want to see you in all your splendor"
She hesitates at first but then gives in to my demand, She pushes my hand away and slips out of her shirt.
"Dont forget the bra"
She rolls her eyes as she skillfully unhooks the bra with a swift twist of her hand.
As soon as her bra falls on the sheets, I pounce  her and voraciously start licking and sucking on her nipples.
Her head lashes back and she lets out soft, continuous moans.
I love how they taste and her moans tell me she doesnt dislike me doing it either.
As my left hand massages her breast and I enjoy the taste of the twin, I slowly start moving my hand towards her belly.
"What are you doing?" she manages to ask under her ragged breath.
I let go of her nipple.
"Im taking care of you, all of you"
I give her a quick kiss on her lips and continue viciously licking her breasts as my hand travels down further.
My hand stumbles on her jeans.
"Guess what?" i ask her playfully "You are taking off your pants"
"What if i dont want to?" she asnwers defiantly
"Oh, i know you do want to, so make yourself and me that favor and get rid of them, you can keep your undies on if you wish"
Once again she hesitates...