Fire consumes it all

"You get rid of it"
"You are quite stubborn today" I tell her as I get up from the bed "Fine, you win this round, but I will win this battle"
She gives me a quizzical look.
"Oh, its from a Rammstein song. Woll ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? It translates to: Do you want to see the bed on fire? There is a part of the song in which they sing: Sex is a battle and love is war."
As I explain to her, I undo the button of her jeans.
Even after all this time, excitement runs through my body whenever I get to undress her.
"Lift your butt a little"
I grab the pants' cuffs and start pulling, unveiling her beautiful legs.
Once I am done with that I take a step back to enjoy the view.
She is lying on the bed, legs spread,  flushed face with only her underwear to offer some protection against my hungry eyes.
"What time is it?"
"What... time?" she hesitantly asks.
I nod as I get closer to the bed. I cant resist my urge anymore and start caressing her legs.
God I love these legs, so stunningly beautiful they are to me, so precious.
My train of thought is interrupted by her voice.
"Its 7:12"
"Time for a snack" I tell her with a broad smile on my face.
I climb on the bed and place my hands on her hips.
"Im affraid Im going to have to take this away, it is standing in the way of my meal"
I dont give her enough time to react. I grab the sides of her underwear and pull it down.
She lets out a gasp just before I place my arms under her legs and my tongue on her muffin.
This is probably the best taste known to man.
She lets out soft moans as my tongue gently moves.
"I... I want yours too"
I look up at just to see her flushed face begging me to fulfill her desire.
"Allright allright"
I get up from my position and lay one more time next to her.
"What are you doing?" she asks
"If you want it, you are gonna have to work for it" I explain  and give her a quick kiss
"Thats mean"
"No, its fair, I undressed you and took care of yours, now you just have to do the same, no more, no less"

"Damn, Kelly, have you taken a look at this?"
"At what?"
"At the erotic writting he left behind"
"He left what behind?"
"Erotic writtings, here, read the first part"
"Oh... my..."
"And there is plenty more where that came from"
"I am not sure if I want to give it a shot... I mean, I am curious, but..."
"Look, if you are curious, just read it, its not like its something unnatural"
"I know, I know, but still..."
"Here is the second part"

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