A spark lights a fire

Dim moonlight, a mug with my favourite tea, my trusty chair holding my weight.
*Tonight is the night...*
I stare once again at the white paper that I have been confronting for the past month.
"You son of a bitch. The tyranny ends tonight"
I glance at the moon one last time as I open the netbook and type in my password.
*Loading... this OS gets slower by the day. Finally... now open notepad...*

*Knock* *Knock*
So many times have I knocked on this door that I dont feel as nervous as I did the first time, still there is the lingering sensation of impatience that refuses to leave me.
The door opens...
*Hi there*
She greets me from behind the door, letting me see only half of her face: half of her smile, only one of her beautiful almond eyes, some freckles on her nose and her auburn hair cascading on her shoulder.
I get myself inside without a word and forcefully kiss her, wrapping my arms around her slender body.
"Close the door" I whisper and start licking her left ears lobule.
She lets out a soft moan as she closes the door and pushes me away gently.
"Anxious?" she playfully asks as she looks me in the eyes.
"More like hungry for you"
With a swift movement I move behind her and lift her on my arms.
Once she is perfectly settled I make my way into the bedroom.
"Are you not even going to ask how my day was or how I am feeling?"
"Whatever happened till now is gonna be in the shadow of what I am planning doing to you right now" I give her a quick kiss on her forehead.
She giggles and gently strokes my hair.
She helps me open the bedroom door and i make my way in front of the bed.
"Soft or rough?" I whisper.
"First soft, then very rough" she answers as she gives me a wild look.
I softly place her on the bed and put myself next to her.
"How was your day? Feeling well?"
"Im not going to answer to that anymore, should have asked when you had the chance"
"Feeling ready?" I whisper in her ear as I place my hand on her breast.
"Ready as ever" she moans.
I gently press my lips against hers as I massage her breast with my hand still over her clothes.
As our kisses become more passionate, our tongues search for the others company and start an erratic dance in between our mouths.
I stop massaging and slide my hand under her clothing and bra, finally getting the touch of her bare skin under my fingers. Its warm and very tender. I give a soft massage to the whole breast before pinching the nipple a little bit.
"Take your shirt off" I tell her "I want to see you in all your splendor"
She hesitates at first but then gives in to my demand, She pushes my hand away and slips out of her shirt.
"Dont forget the bra"
She rolls her eyes as she skillfully unhooks the bra with a swift twist of her hand.
As soon as her bra falls on the sheets, I pounce  her and voraciously start licking and sucking on her nipples.
Her head lashes back and she lets out soft, continuous moans.
I love how they taste and her moans tell me she doesnt dislike me doing it either.
As my left hand massages her breast and I enjoy the taste of the twin, I slowly start moving my hand towards her belly.
"What are you doing?" she manages to ask under her ragged breath.
I let go of her nipple.
"Im taking care of you, all of you"
I give her a quick kiss on her lips and continue viciously licking her breasts as my hand travels down further.
My hand stumbles on her jeans.
"Guess what?" i ask her playfully "You are taking off your pants"
"What if i dont want to?" she asnwers defiantly
"Oh, i know you do want to, so make yourself and me that favor and get rid of them, you can keep your undies on if you wish"
Once again she hesitates...

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