Renewal is a necessary evil

It took me a long time, but I was finally able to recover from the darkness in which I had fallen.
I was lucky though, I knew others had fallen and never recovered, others had been able to escape with a bruised body and a scarred mind.
I opened my eyes, the daemon was laying next to me, slowly yet steadily breathing, probably having a dreamless sleep.
She was nowhere to be found.
It did not surprise me though, unbeknownst to me was the time and thus I could not wonder wether it was normal for her to be gone or not. I put my hand on the daemon's head, he had retained his beast form from when he fought the banshees, and carefully petted his head. I'd have to thank him once he woke up.
My eyes got accustomed to the dim light and I could get a clear image of my surroundings.
Some time had passed, that was for sure, they had changed the arrangement of the furniture and barricaded the door, surely affraid of retribution.
I patted the daemon on the head and tried to get on my feet. My legs shook as I slowly put more weight on them. I stood on my feet, wobbly, insecure, but with the firm conviction that I had to regain control over my body and start doing something, anything.
The creeping feeling that I had been gone for too long was once again making itself confortable inside my mind. I could only hope that I had not been out more than a week, time was of little meaning while unconscious.
Inch b inch I made my way through the room, holding my hands out in front of me in case I were to trip. Turns out it was a great idea seeing as I lost my footing after I heard a strange voice saying:
"Glad yer awake pardner"