The metamorph

Adrenaline pumping in my veins, almost replacing the blood which usually
makes its way there.
Bloodshot eyes, the thundering pumps of my heart echoing in my ears, the
force of each heartbeat tearing my sternum apart, burning lungs grasping for
the next breath, the lactic acid in my muscles threatening to tear them
If the banshees dont get me, I am going to die anyway due to all the shit
going on in my body right now.
Step by step, and breath by breath ,every second counts to escape my
But death seems as certain as it has ever been.
The howling grows louder, the shrieking pierces my ears.
I take a look back.
They are only 20 meters away while I am almost at the doorstep, but their
speed is mine tenfol and I cant imagine myself reaching the safety of the
I trip...
I fall...
Im virtually dead...
I am lucky enough to fall in such way that my eyes meet the cloud of dust
approaching my location.
Death approaching and I can witness my end.
My eyes go dry, I need to close them but I am affraid to.
I hear a roar.
Its nothing I have ever heard before, it doesnt sound neither human nor
natural, something not from this world.
And yet it also seems familiar, as if I had heard it before.
I dare to open my eyes and confront my inminent doom.
But what I see by far exceeds my expectations.
There is a faint red glow to the scene, a black antropomorphic fox-like
creature with a patch of red glowing hair and blood-red fangs is standing in
front of the banshees, showing its teeth, spicked hair on its back.
Its the only thing standing between me and the shrieking deathbringers.
I turn my gaze and meet hers. She is as baffled as I am but as she realises
what is going on, she quickly flies to me, grabs me by under my arms and
starts dragging me inside.
Its only 10 cm away now.
5 cm
1 cm
I reach out with my arm and grab the doorhandle.
The door opens and I fall on the floor.
The door closes behind me.
Just now I am again able to percieve the world around me.
I see her at the window, worried eyes looking at the morph.
It is waging a mental war against the pack standing in front of him.
I didnt really have time to wonder where my defender had come from or what
its motives were.
I slowly sink into unconsciousness...

Lost and Found

Tonight I look up to the sky.
Nothing unusual you say?
For me it is, for I only look up once or twice a month, at the time when my lover decides to take a stroll.
Diana, so close, no matter how far...
In my heart burns a desire to touch your silk and admire your beads.
Id cross oceans to see you smile just one more time.
But confined as you are I must content myself with imagining how you are living your life so far away in the distance,

"This guy can really get cheesy, dont you think, Kelly?"
"God, you tell me... I have read most of that stuff"
"Im dying to know what happened to him when he was being chased by the banshees, he must have survived, the stack over there is proof of that"
"All that belongs to the stacks of poetry, its the other one over there you are reffering to, the huge one"
"Yeah, he survived somehow, but we are missing one page and once found we will have the lost connection"
"Dont give up, we will find it, eventually..."


"Found it!"
"Darn right I did. The missing page from the book. Now we will be able to make all the connections and really start working on it."
"I am excited and terrified at the same time. Whatever we might find... Now its the point of no return"
"Then we will never go back to where we came from"
"Lets do this"


The project

"Hey Kelly, would you mind taking a look at this?"
"What is it, found anything interesting in those manuscripts yet?"
"If ghosts, daemons and banshees are not of your interest, then perhaps not.
This guy wrote everything down, no exception. We could almost fill an entire
library with his work."
"Well it does seem like he had a lot of free time at the beginning of his
"Your humor never ceases to amaze me, Kelly. If everything he has written
about his life is true, then there is so much more out there than we could
ever imagine"
"Look, thinking about leaving this place is such a crazy idea it shouldnt even
cross your mind. Reading and analyzing this could already get us in a whole
lot of trouble."
"Id say its a risk I am willing to take"
"Anything you say"
"Here, take a look at this"
"Amazing isnt it?"
"Speechless are we?"
"We cant let anybody else know about this..."
"Anybody, we have to get the others out of this project, its becoming far too
dangerous. There is just to much banned information in these pages, they
wouldnt even punish us anymore, they would get us out of the way."
"So im guessing it did catch your attention."
"We have to look further into it. If truth is what this man wrote, then..."



2024 AD
Captain Terrojas Logbook
The Banshees have been howling for a while now.
Not that it concerns me, their victim is probably either almost or already dead.
And those bitches wont be able to come near me.
Lucky charms id dare to say.
I knew that those books about chinese charms would come in handy one
day or another. Good night sleep assured for me.
But the plain darkness that surrounds me isnt confortable. The solitude of
the badlands is common, but that doesnt mean that you get accustomed to it.
Since everyone is on their own and you really cant trust nobody, its not like
you would enjoy company anyway. Ironic, aint it?
And dont expect no good will come out of someone knocking on your door.
Last time i did it turned out to be possesed dolls.
Creep the heck outta me.
I have been trapped inside this wreck for two days now. And it doesnt look
like I'm gonna leave anytime soon. I saw a sandstorm brewing in the
distance before the banshees started chasing me.

The Banshees howling has ceased, interrupted by a loud roar that split the night.
What kind of terrible creature is out there with the power and ability to silence the shrieking of death itself?
Not like Im going to leave the safety of the charms to find out, but I reckon Im having a hard time dealing with my curiosity.
Maybe Ill check it out in the morning.



"You have to hurry, dusk is coming and we are almost there, please hold on
just a little more!" - she sounded desperate and she truly had a reason to.
We were almost at the entrance of the village, but dusk seemed to move
faster than I did, nothing surprising considering the state in which I had
started the journey and the lack of nourrishment during the journey. Where
the food I had gathered was gone, I had no clue.
*You are gonna get yourself killed if you dont speed up a little*
"I know... i know" I wheezed under my ragged breath.
The entrance lay just 10 meters away and the nearest house which wasnt
completely shut close 15 meters away.
Dusk was just 3 minutes away and I really doubted of my ability to close the distance between me and my goal in time.
I heard a shrieking scream in the distance.
"They are coming..." - she whispered breathless with her eyes opening wide in terror.
*You sucker better get a grip of yourself and fucking get your ass inside the house in 1 minute or all your efforts will end up here*
I was already dragging my feet on the dust, unable to move at a faster pace.
"What is that howling sound?" I muttered.
"The Banshees coming for you, please move faster, they are almost here"
*If you dont sprint, you are doomed...* the daemon started to look nervous
"Why would you care anyway?"
*I am part of you, you dick, if you die you drag me with you*
I try to quicken my pace, really wishing it is enought for me to elude my
unknown hunters.


Out There

Waking up with an incredible headache seemed the worst problem once I first woke up, poor fool.
I opened my eyes some minutes after regaining consciousness and I dearly wish I had not, for the vision witnessed I wished nobody to lay eye upon.
Nothing around me, just some tree trunks, some cacti and lonesome vultures patrolling the skies. In the distance I thought I could see some scattered houses, what once probably was a village or a little city of some kind.
*Morning sweetheart*
"Damn daemon, couldnt you give me a break?"
*I would give you one if I hadnt break to you that we better get moving if your wish is to survive, if you do wish to die though, then we should definitely stay here and enjoy the post-nuclear horizon until the  sun starts setting and the banshees go on their daily hunt*
"Yes" - she whispered softly - "creatures that feed of the fear and desperation of the living"
"Oh, sorry, i hadnt noticed you up until now." - I explained
"Dont worry, that does not matter right now, the daemon is right, we have to get you to the village if you want to see another dawn"
*Told you!* the daemon flew circles around my head, apparently amused
"Ok, understood. But, how did I finally get out?"
"No time for that right now" - she assured - we will tell you as soon as you are safe for the night"
I nodded and tried to get up. What should have been quite an easy thing to do proved itself to be much more difficult than expected.
I felt as if I had been drained of all energy.
What is it i had gone through trying to get out of my cell that left me so tired and useless?
Just then i noticed the bundle strapped to my back.
Of course, my writtings, they were somewhat heavy.
I unstrapped them and tried getting up, which didnt work quite as well as i hoped for. I finally got up with the help of the daemon and her and took my first steps on the sandy surface of the world I had never before seen.
*Dont forget your papers, you moron*
I gave the daemon a deadly look and slowly made my way back to the bundle of papers in order to strap them on and start my journey to the village in the distance.
Almost crushed by the weight, I started walking towards the village, which to me seemed to far to reach and too blurry to really rely some hope on.
But I had to give it a shot, I had to fight for my own survival yet again.
But this wouldnt be the last time they heard from me...