"You have to hurry, dusk is coming and we are almost there, please hold on
just a little more!" - she sounded desperate and she truly had a reason to.
We were almost at the entrance of the village, but dusk seemed to move
faster than I did, nothing surprising considering the state in which I had
started the journey and the lack of nourrishment during the journey. Where
the food I had gathered was gone, I had no clue.
*You are gonna get yourself killed if you dont speed up a little*
"I know... i know" I wheezed under my ragged breath.
The entrance lay just 10 meters away and the nearest house which wasnt
completely shut close 15 meters away.
Dusk was just 3 minutes away and I really doubted of my ability to close the distance between me and my goal in time.
I heard a shrieking scream in the distance.
"They are coming..." - she whispered breathless with her eyes opening wide in terror.
*You sucker better get a grip of yourself and fucking get your ass inside the house in 1 minute or all your efforts will end up here*
I was already dragging my feet on the dust, unable to move at a faster pace.
"What is that howling sound?" I muttered.
"The Banshees coming for you, please move faster, they are almost here"
*If you dont sprint, you are doomed...* the daemon started to look nervous
"Why would you care anyway?"
*I am part of you, you dick, if you die you drag me with you*
I try to quicken my pace, really wishing it is enought for me to elude my
unknown hunters.

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