When doing something new

Nothing is easy if it is new to you.
Your environment changes constantly and you have to adapt to it or you have to shape it to cater your needs.
When starting something new, dont give up easily, be persistent, be active, try to improve.
No one will tell you that it is easy, and no one can tell you how rewarding it might be.
Dont just dream about something working out or hope for the best, work for it, work towards it.
Make a schedule and keep it, adapt it when necessary, for you and only you, when being honest with yourself, can measure wether or not you are actually doing as much as you should.

The first step is the hardest, and the ones that follow might be just a little bit easier.
But each step should be in itself a reward.
And the last step, the most rewarding of your entire journey


Every step I take

I have come to fear doing new things...
I used to love it, doing new things, exciting things, going on adventures so to speak.
It meant taking a step forward, not always knowing which direction or where it would take me, but a step forward nevertheless.
Now i am affraid, for every step i take takes me closer to somewhere i dont want to go: Death.
Everything new i did brought me closer until i felt i was dancing a mortal tango with lady death herself, exchanging daring glares and sensual strokes.
I dont want that, i dont want to bring death closer to me, i want it far away, over the mountains, over the seas, in a dark hidden cave from whence it will never emerge to take me.
I have come to fear doing anything and everything, for anything i do might take me closer, so here i sit, in my dark room, and wait for the inevitable while i try to make that timespan last for as long as i can.