Every step I take

I have come to fear doing new things...
I used to love it, doing new things, exciting things, going on adventures so to speak.
It meant taking a step forward, not always knowing which direction or where it would take me, but a step forward nevertheless.
Now i am affraid, for every step i take takes me closer to somewhere i dont want to go: Death.
Everything new i did brought me closer until i felt i was dancing a mortal tango with lady death herself, exchanging daring glares and sensual strokes.
I dont want that, i dont want to bring death closer to me, i want it far away, over the mountains, over the seas, in a dark hidden cave from whence it will never emerge to take me.
I have come to fear doing anything and everything, for anything i do might take me closer, so here i sit, in my dark room, and wait for the inevitable while i try to make that timespan last for as long as i can.

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