The Seeds of Hope

The weather was mild in this part of the forest and thin rays of sunshine poured through the highest branches of the canopy.
The daemon dissapeared to look for whatever it is it eats and i made just the same.
I decided that i would walk in the direction we had to move so that i wasted as little time as possible looking for nourishment.
After 5 minutes of walking i came across a small bush of salvia hispanica.
I had absolutely no idea why i knew the name or properties of the plant, but i did.
I gathered some seeds and ate them, they would provide me with the energy i needed for the journey.
I could not pass up this opportunity, so i ripped my left sleeve off and improvised a small pouch that i filled with as many seeds as i could so i could replenish my energy on the go during the day.
Once i was done i continued walking.
The daemon was nowhere to be found, but i knew that he would find me once he was done, he had a better sensory perception than i did, so he would certainly find me once he was done doing whatever he was doing.
Walking and getting out of the forest was the top priority
Time passed, the sun was lazily making its way towards the horizon when the daemon appeared, i just aknowledged its presence and kept walking.
*You ok?*
"Fine, walking"
*Not going to ask where i have been?*
"Your business"
*Fair enough*
We kept walking until the sun had set, made camp, and rested for the night.