It is funny to look back sometimes, see what you had to do to get to where you are now.
I try to avoid that as it brings forth one too many bad memories, but still I can't refrain from doing so.
Looking back, it all makes sense, like a little line of pebbles that stretch from the start of your journey to your present.
But back in the day it all seemed confusing, it all seemed strange, it all seemed... alien.
I still feel alienated from time to time, i look at the pebbles and some dont seem to follow the pattern the others do, yet they hold their rightful place firmly as to confirm that they have been placed there for a reason.
I look back at all the white pages i filled with my thoughts, my feelings, it all makes sense, it enlightens me.
Lost as I was in myself, i could have never imagined a way out of there, yet here i am:
Walking the street as any other man, enjoying the simple things in life, the things that truly give meaning to it, still writting, still fighting, still sharing, for sharing is what started this journey, and sharing it will end.
For now... I dare you to find me before i tear down the fabric of this distopia.
Best of luck to you in your journey


"He cant be serious, can he?"
"How should I know?!"
"I mean... there is absolutely no way for him to be here, is there?"
"After all I have read, I can most certainly say I am ready to believe anything at this point. Think about it: how did his writtings get here in the first place?"
"I assume the police caught wind of them and decided to lock them up so noone could get acces to them"
"What if... What if he locked them inside here on purpose?"
"Yes, what if he locked them here on purpose so that nobody besides people like us would find it?"
"Hm.... never thought of that"
"Maybe he really is here..."
A rattling sound startled them both.
"It cant be..."
A mouse quickly made its way into the gutter.
"Just a mouse..."
"I almost got a heart attack..."
A voice behind them startled them for a second time
"I think the best time to have one would be right about now!"

They quickly turned around