The dark consequences of our actions

The ebony rock slipped between her finger and plummeted into the glass of  water below. In the glass were already 5 similar rocks, though one could not  see them at first glance due to the water in the glass having acquired a dark  color, like black ink. A drop mirrored the ebony rock as it made contact with  the surface and slowly joined the rest of its kind at the bottom of the glass.

The ink swirled and merged with the water, thin tentacle like tendrils of ink  tried to break free from the surface of the rock, grasping at what was left of the water.

I watched in horror as the water and the ink heterogeneously merged into a vile and dirty mixture, knowing all too well what was to become of it. As the ink settled down, a spoon made its entrance into the water, and with a stirr, blurred the boundaries of both liquids.

A feminine, yet strong and commanding voice boomed into my perception:

"Drink it"

Even though it was not the first time i had to go through this ritual, i couldnt help but start shaking as i approached the glass and carefully and slowly grabbed it with both of my hands.

Dropping the glass bore consequences far too grim to recollect.

I guided the glass towards my mouth and pursed my lips as to welcome the liquid into myself.

One sip...

Two sips...

Three sips...

I had to take a break.

I turned my head towards her and desperately waited for her to tell me that I needed not drink more of the repulsive liquid that I just now felt burning my throat, esophagus and finally my stomach. It felt as if every cell that came into contact with the mixture screamed out in agony and asked for either mercy or absolution from the pain.

She sternly looked back and slightly whipped her head back, signalling for me to continue.

I knew better than to complain or refuse to abide that silent order.

I looked down into the glass and estimated that there were only two sips left, which didnt help my situation as this was the worst part, the part in which the ink had the most concentration.

I took a deep breath and tried to get it behind me as quickly as i possibly could.

One sip...

I took another deep breath. My consciousness was having a hard time keeping me awake and alert, the burning sensation intensified and my legs started shaking, the energy that supported me fading.

This time i did not bother looking at her for mercy, for i knew she had none to spare.

Another deep breath

Another glance into the glass

The last sip...

I leave the glass back on the counter with the last of my strenght and feel the world starting to spin, twist and turn around me. My legs finally give in and darkness envelopes me like a welcoming and warm blanket.


I wake up in the middle of the forest.
At first i am confused, but as i gradually chase the sleepiness from my system i remember that it is the place i had chosen yesterday night, everything is fine. At least as fine as my situation allows everything to be.

I stand up and check my mental to do list:
Get dressed
Get fed
Get going

A long day and a long day await and little time it is i have to waste.