Meeting strangers

The wooden floor welcomed me with a dry *thud* as my arms gave in under the weight of my body.
After a few seconds I gathered what little thoughts I had and looked at the direction from which the voice had greeted me.
It was a cowboy, at least he looked like one.
Hat, boots, leather pants...
He sat up from the rocking chair and pulled me on my feet.
"Sure been out cold fer a while, aint ya?"
"I... I dont know, how long has it been?"
"Well according to my watch id say about 2 n half days"
I sighed.
"Coulda been worse, dont ye fret a bit"
He pushed me softly towards the chair and made sure i got a good grip on it before letting go.
"Glad to help. So i was wondering, what are ya doin in a place like this?"
"I... I dont think you would believe me if i told you..."
"Sonny, I have seen that friend of yours turn into at least 3 different animals in t' past days 'n considering the banshees that almost caught you 'n all the crazy shit goin on out there, I can 'sure you that i'd believe most anything you tell me."
"Well I... have spent the past year or so imprisoned in a dark room. The room is inside a subterranean bunker-like building not too far away from here."
"Well I be damned, thats a story I wasnt expectin"
"Yeah... I would find it hard to believe had i not experienced it myself. I had been locked away from the world. Still i am not sure this is the same world i remember from when i was free"
"The world 'as changed, thats fer damn sure... lots of thins' goin' on... the banshees fer example, aint been here for too long"
"I feel like i have been... I dont know... transported in time and space ir something similar. I dont seem to get the picture of this world."
"Dont fret, nobody does. We are all souls strugglin' to stay alive."
"Could you tell me how things were before?"
" 'Fore when, sonny?"
"I dont know, I guess before everything went to hell"
"This place has always been hell, but i get where ya gettin' at"
"Keep it quiet you two, sleeping, recovering from near-death injuries, daemon here"
"Sorry, we will go outside"
"Or better yet well get ya upstairs to catch some fresh air"
He helped me get up the chair and up the stairs to the balcony.