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Captain Terrojas Logbook
The Banshees have been howling for a while now.
Not that it concerns me, their victim is probably either almost or already dead.
And those bitches wont be able to come near me.
Lucky charms id dare to say.
I knew that those books about chinese charms would come in handy one
day or another. Good night sleep assured for me.
But the plain darkness that surrounds me isnt confortable. The solitude of
the badlands is common, but that doesnt mean that you get accustomed to it.
Since everyone is on their own and you really cant trust nobody, its not like
you would enjoy company anyway. Ironic, aint it?
And dont expect no good will come out of someone knocking on your door.
Last time i did it turned out to be possesed dolls.
Creep the heck outta me.
I have been trapped inside this wreck for two days now. And it doesnt look
like I'm gonna leave anytime soon. I saw a sandstorm brewing in the
distance before the banshees started chasing me.

The Banshees howling has ceased, interrupted by a loud roar that split the night.
What kind of terrible creature is out there with the power and ability to silence the shrieking of death itself?
Not like Im going to leave the safety of the charms to find out, but I reckon Im having a hard time dealing with my curiosity.
Maybe Ill check it out in the morning.

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