The metamorph

Adrenaline pumping in my veins, almost replacing the blood which usually
makes its way there.
Bloodshot eyes, the thundering pumps of my heart echoing in my ears, the
force of each heartbeat tearing my sternum apart, burning lungs grasping for
the next breath, the lactic acid in my muscles threatening to tear them
If the banshees dont get me, I am going to die anyway due to all the shit
going on in my body right now.
Step by step, and breath by breath ,every second counts to escape my
But death seems as certain as it has ever been.
The howling grows louder, the shrieking pierces my ears.
I take a look back.
They are only 20 meters away while I am almost at the doorstep, but their
speed is mine tenfol and I cant imagine myself reaching the safety of the
I trip...
I fall...
Im virtually dead...
I am lucky enough to fall in such way that my eyes meet the cloud of dust
approaching my location.
Death approaching and I can witness my end.
My eyes go dry, I need to close them but I am affraid to.
I hear a roar.
Its nothing I have ever heard before, it doesnt sound neither human nor
natural, something not from this world.
And yet it also seems familiar, as if I had heard it before.
I dare to open my eyes and confront my inminent doom.
But what I see by far exceeds my expectations.
There is a faint red glow to the scene, a black antropomorphic fox-like
creature with a patch of red glowing hair and blood-red fangs is standing in
front of the banshees, showing its teeth, spicked hair on its back.
Its the only thing standing between me and the shrieking deathbringers.
I turn my gaze and meet hers. She is as baffled as I am but as she realises
what is going on, she quickly flies to me, grabs me by under my arms and
starts dragging me inside.
Its only 10 cm away now.
5 cm
1 cm
I reach out with my arm and grab the doorhandle.
The door opens and I fall on the floor.
The door closes behind me.
Just now I am again able to percieve the world around me.
I see her at the window, worried eyes looking at the morph.
It is waging a mental war against the pack standing in front of him.
I didnt really have time to wonder where my defender had come from or what
its motives were.
I slowly sink into unconsciousness...

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