Lost and Found

Tonight I look up to the sky.
Nothing unusual you say?
For me it is, for I only look up once or twice a month, at the time when my lover decides to take a stroll.
Diana, so close, no matter how far...
In my heart burns a desire to touch your silk and admire your beads.
Id cross oceans to see you smile just one more time.
But confined as you are I must content myself with imagining how you are living your life so far away in the distance,

"This guy can really get cheesy, dont you think, Kelly?"
"God, you tell me... I have read most of that stuff"
"Im dying to know what happened to him when he was being chased by the banshees, he must have survived, the stack over there is proof of that"
"All that belongs to the stacks of poetry, its the other one over there you are reffering to, the huge one"
"Yeah, he survived somehow, but we are missing one page and once found we will have the lost connection"
"Dont give up, we will find it, eventually..."


"Found it!"
"Darn right I did. The missing page from the book. Now we will be able to make all the connections and really start working on it."
"I am excited and terrified at the same time. Whatever we might find... Now its the point of no return"
"Then we will never go back to where we came from"
"Lets do this"

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