Out There

Waking up with an incredible headache seemed the worst problem once I first woke up, poor fool.
I opened my eyes some minutes after regaining consciousness and I dearly wish I had not, for the vision witnessed I wished nobody to lay eye upon.
Nothing around me, just some tree trunks, some cacti and lonesome vultures patrolling the skies. In the distance I thought I could see some scattered houses, what once probably was a village or a little city of some kind.
*Morning sweetheart*
"Damn daemon, couldnt you give me a break?"
*I would give you one if I hadnt break to you that we better get moving if your wish is to survive, if you do wish to die though, then we should definitely stay here and enjoy the post-nuclear horizon until the  sun starts setting and the banshees go on their daily hunt*
"Yes" - she whispered softly - "creatures that feed of the fear and desperation of the living"
"Oh, sorry, i hadnt noticed you up until now." - I explained
"Dont worry, that does not matter right now, the daemon is right, we have to get you to the village if you want to see another dawn"
*Told you!* the daemon flew circles around my head, apparently amused
"Ok, understood. But, how did I finally get out?"
"No time for that right now" - she assured - we will tell you as soon as you are safe for the night"
I nodded and tried to get up. What should have been quite an easy thing to do proved itself to be much more difficult than expected.
I felt as if I had been drained of all energy.
What is it i had gone through trying to get out of my cell that left me so tired and useless?
Just then i noticed the bundle strapped to my back.
Of course, my writtings, they were somewhat heavy.
I unstrapped them and tried getting up, which didnt work quite as well as i hoped for. I finally got up with the help of the daemon and her and took my first steps on the sandy surface of the world I had never before seen.
*Dont forget your papers, you moron*
I gave the daemon a deadly look and slowly made my way back to the bundle of papers in order to strap them on and start my journey to the village in the distance.
Almost crushed by the weight, I started walking towards the village, which to me seemed to far to reach and too blurry to really rely some hope on.
But I had to give it a shot, I had to fight for my own survival yet again.
But this wouldnt be the last time they heard from me...

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