The project

"Hey Kelly, would you mind taking a look at this?"
"What is it, found anything interesting in those manuscripts yet?"
"If ghosts, daemons and banshees are not of your interest, then perhaps not.
This guy wrote everything down, no exception. We could almost fill an entire
library with his work."
"Well it does seem like he had a lot of free time at the beginning of his
"Your humor never ceases to amaze me, Kelly. If everything he has written
about his life is true, then there is so much more out there than we could
ever imagine"
"Look, thinking about leaving this place is such a crazy idea it shouldnt even
cross your mind. Reading and analyzing this could already get us in a whole
lot of trouble."
"Id say its a risk I am willing to take"
"Anything you say"
"Here, take a look at this"
"Amazing isnt it?"
"Speechless are we?"
"We cant let anybody else know about this..."
"Anybody, we have to get the others out of this project, its becoming far too
dangerous. There is just to much banned information in these pages, they
wouldnt even punish us anymore, they would get us out of the way."
"So im guessing it did catch your attention."
"We have to look further into it. If truth is what this man wrote, then..."

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