Shinning through

She inhales deeply before letting out a sigh.
On her fours, she makes her way around the bed to place herself so that her face confronts my crotch.
"Happy, arent we?" she asks, sparks in her eyes
"Maybe, maybe, care to find out by yourself?" I tell her as I wink at her
She unbuttons my pants and places her right hand on my erection, strocking it gently.
I cant help it and let out an almost inaudible moan, I really want her to touch me.
She smiles at me and bites the pull tab of my zipper, slowly she brings it down.
The only noise in the room right now is the zipper being pulled down.
Once she is done, I look up and nod at her, as if urging her to go on with her activity.
Once again she strockes me, but this time it feels even better. I can feel the warmth of her hand even through my underwear and just the thought of her touching me is going to drive me wild.
"Come on..." I whisper
"Im just taking my fair amount of time, you did the same, remember?"
My head yanks backwards when she grabs my erection firmly with her hand.
Up and down... up and down her hand moves and I can feel myself getting bigger.
"My... is it gonna keep growing?" she asks, a hint of playful surprise in her voice.
"If you keep heating me up like you are right no, it might as well happen" I manage to answer.
I try to get up and kiss her, but she holds me back with both of her hands as she shakes her head.
"No no no, its my turn. Let me do my stuff"
"Ok... ok, but I cant guarantee your safety if you keep harrasing me like this"
"You are always so impatient when it comes to you"
She places her hands on my hip, grabs the sides of my underwear and pants and pulls them down.
My erection, free from the shackles of the underwear, pops up, happy to be free and points directly at her face.
"There there, little guy" she whispers as she brings her mouth closer to my erection.
She stops just a few centimeters away and breathes lightly on me.
Im really going to go insane if she keeps this up, I want her badly
She notices my pain, smiles and licks the tip.
I moan.
She licks again.
I moan again.
I lift my head a little, our eyes meet.
"Please" I beg
She smiles deviantly and fits my whole erection into her mouth.
I close my eyes and let the sensations get control of me.
The warmth, the pressure, her hands caressing me, her tongue playing with me.
I stay like that for a while, eyes closed, mouth open, letting her work her wonders on my body.
She slowly lets go of me, I open my eyes and look up at her.
"What now?"
"Now its time to get this going" she answers as she comes closer to kiss me.
A deep kiss, full of the emotions that now float in the room.
"I want you" she whispers in my ear
"Then you will get plenty of me" I whisper back "What are we gonna start with today, top or bot?"
"I want you to show me how wild I drive you, Im going to lay down, you do whatever you please"
With that she lays flat on the bed and gives me a defiant look.
"Oh, you are getting so much more than you can ever imagine"
I position myself so that my erection is at her entrance and prod it lightly.
She moans very softly with each of my pokes.
I grind my lenght on her entrance, she closes her eyes, grasps the bedsheets and bites her lips gently.
"Come on..." she beckons
"Aske for it" I snap at her
I know she likes it rougher as the intensity of the moment grows.
"in me..."
"I cant hear you, louder"
"Still cant hear you, dont you want it?"
"Get it in me, please I beg you, take me!" she desperately says
Now she is in the mood to enjoy this best, as am I.
I place my erection one more time at her entrance.
"Get ready for this, its coming in one-shot..."

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