Monster inside of me

I open my left eye
I open my right eye
"What... the ...hell...?"
"I dont think you should open your left eye, its completely bloodshot and doesnt look too good" She nervously tells me as she rummages the house.
I close both of my eyes and try to get up, which proves far more difficult than it should, but on the other hand I am accustomed to easy things becoming  almost impossible.
"Is the daemon here with us? I cant seem to remember seeing him inside as the Morph jumped in to deffend us from those Banshees.
"Yes" she whispers "He is over there"
I open my right eye to see where she is pointing at, the far corner of the room that is barely lit.
I get on all fours and start making my way towards my daemon. With each step I can distinguish a little more of his silhouette.
He doesnt resemble me at all right now, he is bigger, buffer and has much longer hair.
Wait a minute...
"Daemon?" I ask quietly
"Have you... Have you..."
"Yes, I have morphed, took me a lot of effort. Dont come closer, I need to rest and recover from my wounds. Oh, and cover that left eye of yours if you dont want to go partially blind"
"I got that" she shouts from somewhere inside the house and shortly after appears with an eye patch.
I take it from her and place it over my left eye.
"Now that this has been taken care of..." I mutter "What happened to you?"
The daemon is breathing deeply and I can feel how difficult it is for him to catch each breath.
"How should I know? I saw you trip just a few inches away from the door and I feared everything would be over, I panicked."
"And you turned into a wolf like antropomorphic creature..."
"Does seem that way" he chuckles "Just give me some time to recover and I might be able to explain what happened or at least what I think happened. Ask her to tell you about our great escape from the room, that sure is a nice story"
"Come over here, lets not disturb him" she tells me, her voice calm
I get to the other side of the room and lay on the floor in order to not waste any of the precious energy that could be left in me.
"My writtings!" I get up fast as lightning and look around the room.
She places her hand on my cheeck  "Hush now, they are near the door, dont worry, I took care of them as we escaped"
I settle down, reliefed that at least my legacy is safe.
"What is the last thing you remember about the room and our escape?"
"Uhhh" I hesitate. I dont really remember anything besides the last night I spent there "Nothing related to the escape itself Im affraid"
"Well... Then i have a lot of telling to do"

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