Spring firework

I thrust with all the strenght I can gather.
Her eyes open wide as her mouth drops open and a loud moan escapes from her.
"All in" I tell her.
She softly bites her lip.
We stay like this for a while, enjoying each other in this particular position.
"Gonna move, ok?" I ask.
She nods and gets her arms behind her head, getting ready for what she knoew is going to happen.
I get myself out a little and the start soflty grinding in and out of her.
Each time i get in i feel the warmth of her inner walls.
"You are soaking wet, how do you justify it?"
"You turn me on too much" she admitts in between soft moans that she lets out each time I reach her deepest spot.
"Oh, I do?"
I get my erection out of her, jump out of the bed and position myself at where the footboard ought to be.
She looks up, dissapointment in her face, but that soon changes as I grab her ankles and pull her closer to me.
"I want you to feel me like you have never before"
She gives me a wry smile and cooperates, getting her spot close to my erection.
She then lays down, licks her lips and gives me a devilish look, asking me to love her rough.
I pull her legs closer to me and put them up.
I hug them against me and put my dick at the entrance of her velvet.
And the show starts again, but this time more vigorously.
I pound her again and again, using her legs to thrust with more force.
Each time my abdominal muscles hit her legs, she moans loudly.
I increase the rythm.
"Do you like it?"
"I love it. Do it harder, do it faster, please"
"What was that, I couldnt hear you" I tell her while i increase the speed
"Fa a a a aster, pleeeeeaseeeeee"
"As you wish"
At this point i have to really use all of my body to keep up with her demands, but it is worth it.
She is dripping wet and it feels as if I am going to melt inside her, the pressure she transfers on every inch of my shaft is deliciously painful.
"Im... coming" she whispers
"Oh, you are?"
"Yes.. Im coming... Im coming... Im...."
I give a deeper thrust than before.
Her head yanks back she lets out a scream, starts shivering, grabs the sheets with both hands and pulls them near her.

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