One step forward

"K, now everyone follow me 'n dont make no noise"
Malcom slowly opened the door and quickly glanced around to see if there was any danger in our proximity.
"Coast is clear, move it"
Without wasting a second we scurried out of the building and followed Malcom into the abandoned streets of the town.
The sun shrouded by a thin layer of dust, the mild temperature and the subtle breeze gave the scene a sense of eerie.
Malcom raised his right fist, turned around, signaled that there were two banshees behind the left corner of the building ahead and waited for us to catch up.
"We gotta find a way 'round, no way we takin' those witches with no weapons"
We nodded silently and awaited instructions.
Malcom had spent quite some time in the wastes and thus was deemed most suitable to filll the role of the leader of our small group.
You could have almost asserted we were a small freak show troupè:
a cowboy, an amnesiac, a daemon and a ghost.
My mind wandered off for a bit and fantasized about our success on the road and all the shows we could arrange...
"No day dreamin'" Malcom roughly nudged my arm "Plenty adventure in the real world"
And he was not mistaken, the banshees were prowling on the streets searching for their next victim, which could eventually be us were we not careful enough to evade them.
I casually looked around and caught a glimpse of a glass bottle not too far away from our position.
I signalled Malcom about the whereabouts of the bottle and he nodded as soon as he had seen it.
"We could use it to distract 'em, but gettin' it is trouble itself" he whispered.
Truth is, the bottle was almost in the middle of a crossroad and one of the roads converging there was the one the banshees were patrolling..

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