After the Storm

The nightmares subsided, my world turned back to normal.
 Four walls, a floor and a ceiling with a lightbulb hanging from it, all covered in darkness.
 Never had this blackness felt this good.
*You alright?*
"Yeah, i guess... I..."
 "Im back... stronger than before"
 *You know what they say, what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger*
 "Guess its true, i feel as if i have been reborn. Some things make more sense now, others just make sense despite being absurd before. I can see..."
*In this darkness?*
"Its a figure of speech..."
*I know, im just teasing*
"Ok then, i think i might take a nap unless the bulb lights up soon"
*Sounds good to me, but there is plenty of food over there*
"Over where? Nevermind"
I searched the room for the food i was told there was. After some time i found the tray. It tasted great, i didnt actually remember wether it was better or worse than the one i had been given before, it didnt matter anymore. I had gone through a hell-like experience, i suffered, i cried, but now the blindfold had fallen.
The bulb lit up.
My eyes scanned the room in search for the papers and the pen. I felt like i had to writte down what i went through, i had to create something out of nothing.
Just like i had given life to my nightmares, now i wanted to shape my dreams and desires.

 IMPRESSIONS Impressions
that lies beneath a city made of gold
please let me inside
uncover your beauty
let me see your soul
your façade cant disguise the beauty inside that lies
to others maybe, but you cant decieve me
everything turns to water and flows
into the well

new hope arises from it
everything reborn anew
a new chance to make things right
althought it might have seemed it was well
deep inside there were troubles inside your head

let your soul fly into heavens
seek salvation from this world
leave this corrupted place

search for salvation
seek restoration

(PS: The song Impressions belongs to Ariadna Martin)

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