The Blind Man

The happiness of the blind man
is to look up to the sky
and see more than the star sprinkled night

 he longs for the clouds
he wants to fly up there
shape them to any possible shape
make himself a home

he wants to drink the rain
just wish for it
it may even happen

eat cotton candy clouds
drink chocolate milk rain
each raindrop is happiness poured into a glass
and everything else suddendly seems irrelevant

build a castle out of dreams
you know you can
get some friends to help you
once done let them in

share with them your treasures
for you think they were meant to be shared

no army could be needed
in the sky there are no wars
no skyscrapers are seen
for not everyone deserves this fate
no earthquakes happen, no volcanoes erupt
there is no hunger
feed yourself and the others with whatever you find
it is there for a reason and has to fulfill its purpose

take a break
lay on the ground
imagine the world down here

where everybody longs for something
but that something they do not know what it is
they work hard
they suffer
they are sad
and what for, if what they long for is to them unknown
and may not even exist?

The blind man looks up to the sky
or is it that he is seeing heaven?
The smile across his face
is as enigmatic as the eyes
hidden beneath his glasses.

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  1. I don't know why, but it reminded of this song...