I dont know whats going on out there.
I hear noises, police sirens, people screaming, but I cant go out.
If they were to find me...
They would probably lock me up, too much I do know about what is going on in this city in comparison to the outside world.
This promised land is no more than a dystopia in a foreigners eyes such as mine.
Foolish of me to think that here I would find a peaceful place.
I cant imagine a place where more war is waged on a daily basis.
War against drugs, war against crime, war against prostitution, war against iliteracy, war against this, war against that, but war nevertheless...
And there is victims, criminals, colateral damage, investments, expenditures, guns, martyrs...
This city is the very definition of insanity and thought crime is just a few steps ahead.
I cant go out, I cant escape, this time I really am trapped...
They can not help me no matter how much they want.
I can only wait for a miracle I guess...

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