For the greater good

For the greater good many sacrifices are made, many lives lost, many dreams crushed.
For the greater good, or the alledged one, is for which we would invest all we have.
It is for this reason many spend restless nights thinking and many days working.
We need to focus, as the greater good is not something to tread lightly with.
What is the greater good, is there really a greater good?
Is it part of a greater good to sacrifice others? For a greater good we cannot even prove.
Is the greater good the needs of a few? The needs of many? Or the needs of us all?
Is the greater good the needs of the human race, or the needs of te entire ecosystem wich we inhabit?
Do not tread lightly on such words
For the greater good may not be what you have been defending and believing in so many years.
Will the individual good bring about the greater common good, or will the common good bring about the individual greater good?

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