At the End there is a Ribbon

In the time I had spent in the forest, how much I could in no way quantify, I had noticed funny things that were happening all around me.

Starting with the bizarre abundance of edible seeds and plants growing on the seemingly infertile soil. I had not experienced a single day of food shortage ever since I had left the rest of the group.

That was the least strange happening though.

After a few weeks of wandering in the woods, I started to notice that, sometimes, at the brink of dusk, I could see a red thread floating in the air, wriggling, worming its way between the trees, with no discernible beginning or end. I had thought many times of following the thread, but after consulting it with the Daemon, he had dissuaded me from taking that course of action. Our priority was to reunite with the rest of the group.

As time went on, the red thread started sporadically appearing throughout the day, wriggling in front of  me for a few seconds and then, as if to taunt me, rising into the threetops and dissapearing, escaping my reach.

Now it had even begun to appear in my dreams, which was a clear sign to me that we had to follow it.

"Im telling you, it is now even appearing in my dreams, there has to be a connection between it and the rest of the oddities happening in this forest"

*This much time alone in the woods has certainly taken its toll on your sanity... There is no thread and you are delusional*

"Fine, want to argue, then lets argue. How do you explain the abundance of edible seeds and plants?"

*You are not the only inhabitant of the forest, animals benefit from the same seeds you do*

"What animals? Have you seen just one mouse in the past weeks? I certainly have not"

*Taking into account that you are seeing the nonexistent I would not dismiss the idea of you going partially blind..."

"What animals have you encountered?"

*None, I grant you that point, which still does not in any way prove that there is a living thread trying to direct you somewhere*

"What do we have to lose? We have been aimlessly wandering the forest for way too long, we may as well try something new."

*I have been trying to guide us the best I can*

"I know and I appreciate it, but it has yielded no results as of now"


"We have absolutely nothing to lose by following the thread."


That night we silently sat around the campfire, inmersed in our thoughts and fears regarding the next day and the implications following the red thread might have. Unknown origin, unknown destination, not so different to the way of live we had experienced, yet at the same time a whole new challenge and range of opportunity for us.

Little was said that night, little was needed to be said. We knew each other well enough to make that silence a confortable one.

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