Better suited purpose

"Oh, goodness, no, we do not employ the death penalty anymore."

"Then how exactly do you keep your criminals in check? I know that you sell the image of being a crimeless enclave, a safe haven of sorts, but you and I both know that just PR, you can not control everyone at anytime and things are bound to get dirty sometimes"

"Sharp as ever. Yes, we do have a contingency plan for those... unpleasant events. But, as you know, we do not have a prison either. Guess what our secret is"

"I could imagine you booting them out of the enclave. You do not have to worry about them anymore and the creatures outside these walls take care of the rest. It would be quite clever and quite truthfull"

"We did consider that solution in the first phases of the enclave, but in the end we opted for a... better solution. Optimal you could say"

"Please, iluminate me"

"They serve the enclave as its army"

"You surely must be jesting. How would you ever get them to agree to that, even less put their lives on the line for an ideal they have forsaken. How would that even work?"

"Quite easily my dear. The desire to live is both a powerful drive and quite an accesible one."


"Better. We convince them that, if they were to succeed in their tasks, they would get a clean slate. Complete erasure of their criminal record. A new beginning, free of the burden of their Sins"

"Is that even feasable?"

"Obviously not. Any citizen that has concerned themself with the enclave rules knows that their stay here is a priviledge, not a right, and that they are playing a delicate one strike game."

"So you lie to the convicts and play with their feelings in order to have access to the most loyal army this part of the world has?"

"Quite so, quite so..."

"It is as evil as it is brilliant"

"I can not take all the credit for it, we had the help of many external consultants that helped us draft the actual procedure and modus operandi."

"Still, enviable to say the least."

"Oh, and do not think of it as us taking advantage of their situation. Think of it as us giving them a purpose more suited to their skillset and condition."

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