1000 pages of unwritten text

The first days of my imprisonment were hell.
I had nothing, absolutely nothing to do.
I wandered the room again and again until i fell on my knees exhausted and fell to sleep.
One day when i woke up he was there...
"Good Morning" He greeted me.
*Who are you?* i asked somewhat shocked to discover my torment had been set upon another soul besides myself.
"Funny you ask me that, you should know yourself"
*I have been trapped here for god knows how much time and you expect me to know you?*
"You have been trapped here only 13 days..."
*How do you even know that?*
"I know many things, for instance i know that soon you will have something to do..."
*WHO are you, HOW do you know that and WHO sent you?*
"I was sent by nobody but yourself, you called me here. I am... that is not that important right now, the important thing is that you will see light in 3...2...1..."
My eyes were momentarily blinded by the light that came from a lighting bulb hanging by the ceiling.
The middle of the room was now quite well lit and the rest lay in a gloomy glow.
There, in the middle of the room, lay sheets of paper and a pen.
"you like it?"
I couldnt say a word.
I felt mesmerized by the sheets of paper, the pen drawing me closer as if it were a magnet.
I took steps towards the middle of the room.
As soon as i reached the sheets, i dropped to my knees, grasped the pencil and began writting:

All i ever wished for
all i ever wanted
was to see your smile
just one more time

All i ever longed for
all i ever craved for
was to share with you
just one more day

All the stars are shining
and the light is blinding
No i wont see
you except in my mind

It hurts me so
to not know
whats is going
through your

It pains me to know
they i may as well be
wasting my time

Despite this i'll show
you that i care and
you are deep inside my

All (that) ever existed
and was once created
is crumbling right before my

All the distant planets
all the foreign lifeforms
wandering through my mind
from time to time

All the bottled feelings
walking through
the tundra

slowly freezing up
and in due time

to you i will show
that there is an
option you might not

why wont you let me
break through the
barrier you have

Just let me cross
the field that
is covered in

The Absolute Terror
reflected in your eyes
you can not hide

This was the first song of the many that were to come...

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