Unusual lighting

The first time the bulb was lit i had had the inspiration to writte something down, but it wasnt like that always.
Many days the bulb lit up and i sat there, in the middle of the room, staring at the stack of white papers.
*Nothing* i answer.
*I just have nothing right now...*
"Well, dont worry too much about it. Im sure youy will get something in time"
*I sure hope so, i just cant stand the thought of being unable to writte anything down... I am afraid of everything bottling up inside me and then sudenly exploding unexpectedly*
"As i said, dont fret about it or it will get worse"
I look down at the papers. They whisper my name, they ask to be used, they want something to be written on them, but i cant feed them anything today.
My mind is as blank as them, my mind craving for ideas.
I sit up and walk towards a corner and sit down there.
"What are you doing?"
*Trying to relax, empty my mind...*
"If you say so..."
*Just give me 5 minutes, please*
I stayed in the dark corner till the bulb died out...
I cried for some time, the frustration of the unfullfilled tale in my head corroding me slowly.
I wept for quite some time, but he didnt aproach me nor tried to cheer me up, he understood what was happening to me and decided that it was better to leave me be for the time being.

I looked forward and i saw nothing. The future seemed as black as the room.
A note hit me... then a chord.... then the whole song flowed in my mind.
I stood up, i had to writte something, but i had no light.
I touched with my hands the gound in front of me and advanced until i felt the papers under my palm.
I tried to search for the pen, but i just couldnt find it.
I had to find the pen, i just had to, else it would be my doom.
Light filled the room, the bulb had lit up once again.
Although this was a strange event, i paid no attention to it, i needed to writte...

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