How did i get here?

I cant really recall too much of what happened when i first arrived at this place.
I woke up one day and i was in here. I couldnt remember anything up to that point either, so I panicked. Running around the room, checking the walls for any signs of a door or window or anything that could lead me out of that place.
It was useless.
I was trapped inside a dark room, absolutely disconnected from the outer world.
After i recovered from the initial shock, i started trying to remember how i had gotten there and who i was before i arrived at this place.
I couldnt even remember my name, i could remember some apparently random concepts and images.
I remembered an landscape covered in snow, a cementery, a grave in the shape of a suffering angel. Some strange simbols also came to mind: 天使 水 神 男 人 絶望。
I could only picture those things in my mind, nothing else would come.
Then, suddenly, a song started playing inside my brain.
I felt the power of every chord, of every single note, flowing through me, filling me up.
I fell on the floor, unable to control my body. I had a vision.
I was in the middle of the landscape I had seen before, but this time I wasnt alone.
I was in the middle of a circle of people whom I couldnt recognize, their faces hidden behind a black hood.
*Do you really know me?* I screamed at the top of my lungs.
They all waved their heads.
They were there, surrounding me, not letting me escape, yet they didnt really know me.
They were there tu fullfil the task they had been given, mindlessly following instructions given by a superior power whom they had never encountered in person...
They all took out a gun from their robes and pointed them at me.
*Could i learn to be like you some day?* I pleaded.
They waved their heads once again.
I closed my eyes, ready for what was about to happen.
A gunshot.
I fall slowly. The world stops spinning for me for a brief moment in time. hen it returns to its normal speed and i hit the snow.
I look down as my blood starts to soack the snow.
*Can you see my blood when I am bleeding?* I ask them as they look down at me.
They wave a third time.
I look up to the sky. Some clouds beginn to move and a ray of light shines on me.
I can feel my soul departing my body and flying up t heaven.
But heaven is closed and my soul returns to my body.
Seems not even my death will be easy.
I closed my eyes one last time.

I snapped back to reality.
Darkness all around me, solitude as my only companion and a future that seemed even darker than the room I was lying in.

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