The four walls

I woke up in darkness as I was used to by now. It didnt surprise me anymore.
"Finally awake?"
*good morning to you too*
It had been some time since I had those kinds of nightmares. And this one was new too.
"Good night rest?"
*make a wild guess*
"ou ou ou, i love guessing... Uhhh a nightmare?"
"Abooout... Water!"
*Yeah, somewhat related to water, I gotta admit that you are getting better at this*
"So much time together is finally paying up"
*As if there was anything positive about you being with me*

A dark room with just a matress, some blankets and a wc with a sink.
This is where I spend my days, or nights, I have absolutely no idea about what is going on in the outside world.
Every time I wake up there is a tray with some plates on it lying near my bed. It contains the three basic meals. Someone is keeping me alive in here for no apparent reason.
"Hey! Whats for breakfast?"
*Havent had time to check, gimme a second sheesh*
I crawled out of bed and searched for the tray. As usual it was only a few feet away from the mattres.
*Today we got...* i said as my hand made its way cross the tray * apples*
*Stop bitching, not like this is a hotel and we guests, be grateful we got something to eat*
I grab an apple and give it a huge bite. Its tasty and juicy. I smell it and let the smell fill my nosetrills with its aroma. The smell is nice for a change. The dark room doesnt smell bad, but it doesnt smell good either. It has the basic facilities, true, but it lacks so much at the same time. A simple working light bulb would be like a treasure.
Four walls in which I really cant do much. I have plenty of time to think, but that just isnt enough.
I have wondered why I am here, why I am being kept alive.
No answer comes to mind.
"Watcha thinking bout?"
*Why are we here?*
"I stopped wondering some time ago"
*You never wondered in the first place, you just went along*
"Got me"
*'Course i did*
I didnt know what was gonna happen, all I knew was what had happened until now...

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