A soft breeze waved over the sand, leaving faint trails, as if a
translucent snake had made its way through the land.
But there was nothing here that the snake could have wanted nor needed.
Waste, lonely sands of the time once upon called in terror, when war
had stricken the land and left it forever deserted.
How could he bare this vision?
She had seen it so many times that now it seemed pointless to feel
sad or to grief for the ones whose life was lost.
She had told him the truth...
Was it the right thing to do? she asked herself as she flew past this
horrid vision. He lived in peace in his own little world, enclosed by
four walls and totally obvlivious to what had happened outside.
And she had destroyed his world with only one number:


The year they were living in.
Living didnt exactly apply to her, but she had gotten used to talking
like everyone else. The few people she had met up until now and
hadnt fled in terror upon seing her hadnt been bad people, but the
post-apocaliptic landscape changed its inhabitants.
The need to survive each and every day without knowing what the
future could summon this time was something not every mind was
neither ready nor willing to take for granted.
The world had turned cruel, it had turned wicked, and there was
nothing nor anyone that would protect newcomers from the horror.
Not only had the landscape changed the humans, but the animals
had suffered as well.
Many had died, others had survived and a little part had mutated to
better survive in the present conditions.
Rats grew to the size of dogs, which could prove useful for the
survivors: it provided food. Therefore rats were now treated as farm

She pondered wether she should help him escape his imprisonment
or if it would be for the best if he remained in his golden cage.
After all, he had everything he needed to survive:
A roof over his head, a luxury not entitled to many of the desert
inhabitants, food given to him every single day, the devil knew where
they got the fruits he was given, and he could even fulfill his creative
needs whenever he needed to do so.
Maybe she should just leave him be and never come back to him.
She didnt have the right to destroy everything around him, yet she
had already planted the seeds for his freedom.
He looked like the curious kind, and those didnt like leaving things
unknown. He would probably find a way out, wether it was with or
without her help.

She sighed and glanced at the sinking sun.
The dawn tinted the sky blood-red as the glistering sun made its way
into its nightly grave.
Meanwhile the silver lady was getting ready for her nightly stroll
through the sky.
She should get a move on too.
She turned around and made her way towards the golden cage,
unsure of what she would say or do, but with one thought in her
whatever happened, she would stick with him and help in every way
she could.It had been her who had shacken and crumbled his world and she
would take responsability for it.

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