The broken

the ilusion
dream of my dream
hidden from my hands
deaf to my tongue

the forest
silent, complete
falling appart

split up the oceans
shatter the seas

for what comes within
stays within
and everything fades

not a speck of light will remain
in my future
the domain of the web
the spider that crosses
pearls of piece stained on its home

from above comes death
it feeds from
and from comes it
and it shall devour us all

blood streaming
the valley tinted
the village flooded
and happyness shall reign

and thou who hath found it
repent repent
the saviour doesnt need your petty crimes
neither does he need your excuses

it all will be told
in the velvet lined book
stained with ink
where the truth is what claimed
and yet there is nothing to be heard

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