Naughty kids get no breakfast

*Good morning*
*Again sleeping someplace else? Do you dislike my company that much?*
"Actually, i havent slept at all"
*Writting again?*
"With what light, smartass, as you may have noticed, it never lights up during nighttime"
*Guess you are right, then what did keep you away from me?*
"Her, she came back?"
*Her? Who?*
"The ghost..."
*The ghost... its a she?*
"You still dont believe me, do you?"
*Not really, i still think you have gone completely nuts*
"She read some of my writings"
*What did she think of them?*
"She liked many and disliked some"
"And then she told me about the afterlife, i might write down all that she told me"
"You cant imagine how fascinating i found everything she told me"
"Oh well, enough chit-chat, lets have breakfast"
As usual, we both searched the room for the breakfast tray, but this time we wouldnt find anything.
*Nope, what about you?*
"Same, strange, its usually here when we wake up"
*Maybe they didnt leave anything because someone decided to stay awake instead of going to sleep*
"Whatever, i think im gonna get some sleep, barely slept 2 hours before she came"
*As you see fit*
I found my way to the bed and slipped inside.
Sleep caught me almost as soon as i was completely covered with the blanket. It was very cozy and confortable. My eyelids shut.

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