I dont know when i had given in to sleep the night before, but it was unimportant.
I had been too hasty and she had left, that was all that mattered to me at that point in time.
*Had a good nights sleep?*
"I guess..."
*You guess? By the way, why didnt you sleep in the bed?*
"True, you didnt notice..."
*What is it i didnt notice?*
"We had a visitor"
*What do you mean, a visitor? We are in a sealed room, where nothing enters or exits except stacks of white paper, pens and pencils and food and sometimes even fresh blankets and clothing. There is no way we had someone come in here just like that*
"Wait till i explain and then it may not sound that crazy... or maybe it will sound even crazier now that i think about it..."
"It was a ghost...."
*A ghost?*
"A ghost"
*A ghost*
"Yeah, thats what i said!"
*Ok, you have gone mad, perfect*
"I havent gone mad, not yet at least, thanks for your support and understanding"
*Okay man, let me get this straight:
We have been imprisioned here for quite some time now. Noone has ever visited you in all this time, there are no doors in this room and only one source of light, which aint working at the moment anyway and only lights up when it feels like it and you have been spending way too much time feverishly writting whenever you have had the chance. It isnt absurd to think that you have lost your mind, is it?*
I gave him a cold look, which of course he couldnt see since the darkness engulfed everything in the room.
"I am not crazy" i said with determined voice "And i saw a ghost last night that came through the ceiling apparently, at least thats the way it took to leave, and started crying its heart out for reasons unknown to me."
Yes, i lied, but its not as if he would have believed me anyway.
*Ok man, whatever works for you...*
"You dont believe me, do you?"
*Nope, sorry*
"Nevermind then..."

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