Art as in Artist

Nothing is as easy as it looks...
Walking is something you learned, you dont remember, but you had a tough time.
Speaking, writting, running, reading, all that took so much effort even though you can not remember.
And keeping a diary is a difficult task, too.
Seating yourself in front of the white page, facing the challenge that is filling it with ink every single night telling an imaginary reader what you might have accomplished that day and what your dreams and hopes for the future are.
Noone besides you is going to read it, but despite that you put so much effort into elaborating something that is not only appealing to the eye, but also to the mind.
You, who keeps a diary, are challenging yourself to do something just for the fun of it, you are incredible.
You are creating something for the sake or art, and art will repay you sooner or later.
Keep that in mind

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