Doing wrong, being wrong

It is ironic how I expected others to do things for me I was not prepared to do for them.
Many times had I wondered why no one cared, why no one left any sort of message, and then I realised that the problem was also embedded within me. I was not giving them what I asked them to do for mw, so how could I sincerely expect them to do anything?
I was lucky I came to that realization before it was too late.
It was thanks to a little project I had started and nobody except me knew about.
But that little project helped me see the hipocrisy of my ways.
Now I am willing to give to others what I would like to receive and i really believe that someday it might pay off and I will be able to see the results of my actions.

PS: any comment about this blog, wether good or bad, would mean the world to me, consider leaving one before closing this entry. Thank you for reading.

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