Learning from the learned

Dont look back under any circumstance, they say.
There is a saying: do not look back even to catch your breath.
But sometimes it is good to look back, to see how things were before, how you were before.
Taking into account your past is sure something helpful when confronting the present and the future, and that is something we forget one too many times.
When I look back, I see many pages full of words, I see hidden meanings, I see a lot of books that I read and enjoyed, I see what I did right, what I did wrong.
I look back, at the footsteps behind my back, and I see how much I have learned, but that does not blurr my vision for the future, for I know there is still a lot to learn.
Being eager to learn not only means investing time and energy into learning something in the present, but learning from the past, dont forget that.

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